Snowie Llc 500A-C Ice Shaver, Counter Top, Little Snowie Pack 500-a-c

The Little Snowie Pack Ice Shaver 500A-C is the fastest, and most affordable ice shaver on the market. The Snowie is simple, fun, and easy to use. Just pour in standard ice cubes, step on the foot pedal and hold on to the cup. This is the perfect ice shaver for those new to the ice business because it is affordable. It is easy to use and is built with a heavy duty commercial motor. This sno cone maker is perfect for places where space is limited. The Snowie is great for vending carts, small concession stands, or busy fast food operations.

Snowie Llc 500A-C Ice Shaver, Counter Top, Little Snowie Pack 500-a-c

Product Id:   579599     Mfg #:   500A-C
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