GOLD MEDAL Popcorn Machine Cart, Fun Pop, Red, For 4 OZ. Machine, GOLD MEDAL PRODUCTS GLD2649CR

SKU #: GLD2649CR
Add some elegance and convenience to your Fun Pop 4-oz. popper by purchasing the matching Red Popcorn Cart #2649CR. Our popcorn carts are offered in a variety of colors and sizes to fit your popcorn machine. This cart has 18" wheels with ball bearings, dry goods storage compartment, welded legs, adjustable feet and an easy to move handle. While the popcorn carts are made with the latest technology, they add a classic touch to the overall look.
  • Popcorn Machine Cart
  • Fun Pop
  • 28.25"x 22.63 x 33.63
  • For 4 Ounce Machine
  • Red Design
  • With Wheels
  • Gold Metal Products # GLD2649CR

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