NORPRO Onion Holder, 6", Stainless Steel Prongs, With Odor Remover Stone, Grip-Ez, Norpro 5141

SKU #: NPR5141-SplitCase
When it comes to chopping up veggies to make a delicious meal, onions are usually the least favorite. Onions tend to make people sad and happy all the time. You smile when you take a bite of flavorful food due to ingredients like onions, but you cry when cutting up the onion. You don't cry because you are sad; you cry because onions produce a chemical irritant that causes your eyes to tear up. If you can get the onion cut before that chemical hits your eyes, you won't cry as often. You can make quick work of slicing onions with the use of a durable onion holder. Also great for shallots and tomatoes. The stainless steel tines hold the onion steady and guide your knife for even slices. The attached stainless steel oval removes onion odor from hands. It also has a comfortable Santoprene handle that provides a secure non-slip grip.
  • 6"
  • Stainless steel
  • Odor removing stone
  • Easy grip
  • Hand wash recommended

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