VULCAN HART CORP. Flashbake Oven, 27", Stainless Steel, Electric, Counter Top, Vulcan Hart VFB12-3

This particular oven is a versatile that it employs a revolutionary high quality, high-speed cooking technology. It provides a baking process that is so fast that food retains its natural juices. Bread browns, while vegetables retain their color and texture. It uses visible and infrared light energy that cooks by radiative heat transfer. The infrared browns the surface, while the visible light penetrates and heats the food internally. By using the proper combination of visible and infrared light energy, the oven provides you with efficient, high-speed baking and a higher quality of food.
  • Flashbake Oven
  • 27"
  • Stainless Steel
  • Electric
  • Counter Top
  • Vulcan Hart VFB12-3

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